Waste water

Veolia Jur has a well-developed drainage and wastewater treatment system, which includes:

The drainage network with 3700km total length

8 wastewater Treatment Stations

8 pump stations of the drainage system,

Surface water and rainwater removal system with 350 km length

 Simultaneously system reconstruction and development continues. Soon, the "Aeratsia" station in Yerevan will operate, which, after reconstruction, is able to undergo deep mechanical processing of the sewerage of the capital and adjacent settlements.
During 2017 in a number of settlements of the Republic network were implemented reparation works of sewage network, elimination of congestions, construction of new sewerage networks instead of broken-downs. Particularly, in several administrative districts of Yerevan, in Echmiadzin, Gyumri and Vardenis.

Under the current technical condition of the system, everything is done to clean the discharges of wastewater and minimize their negative impact on the environment. The current year is more promising in this respect. Works in this direction will get much wider. for the reconstruction and renovation of the structures of the system, as well as cleanliness and adequate working conditions.