In the Environment

There are a lot of environmental issues in Armenia, and that is why Veolia Jur, being part of the Veolia Group, is committed to taking part in the solution of all these issues within the framework of interest of the founding company.

Today we are supplying water, so, first of all, we strive to effectively use this vital resource ourselves, as well we require the same from consumers. We also give importance to sewage water treatment, which will rise to a new level after completion of the partial reconstruction of the “Aeratsia” clean-up plant in Yerevan.

At the same time, other environmental programs are being implemented which’s best example is "Clean Sevan -2017", for which the Veolia Foundation has allocated 50,000 euros.  Within the framework of the program developed by the French-Armenian Development Fund, Sevan National Park was provided with considerable assistance in the cleaning of public beaches. The cooperation was successful, the parties were satisfied with the result, which inspires confidence that the program will be continuous.

As the CEO of Veolia Group Antoine Frérot said during his visit to Yerevan, in the future, it is envisaged to launch activities in other environmental spheres in Armenia, particularly in terms of waste processing and the increase of mineral resource utilization efficiency. It means that the scope of programs aimed to preserve and improve our environment will enlarge. 

"Clean Sevan" movie /in armenian/