Business activity

Veolia Jur CJSC serves the capital Yerevan, 41 other cities and 314 villages. In total 356 settlements. Besides that, Veolia Jur provides wholesale water supply services to 52 settlements. In total, the company serves 770 000 subscribers.

Veolia Jur, with over its 3,000 employees, has committed to ensuring the production and sale of drinking water, wastewater treatment systems, to improve the development and distribution of residential distributive networks.

In order to solve these problems, the company has established appropriate authorities: Regional “East” & “West”, Commercial Yerevan and Regional, Technical, Legal, Administrative and Customer Service.  There are also Quality, Healthcare and Work Safety, Procurement, Public Relations Service, Human Resources Service, Correspondence and other departments.

According to the Contract “Veolia Jur” envisages to provide customers water supply, water disposal and wastewater treatment services for 800 million euro, to provide investments for 37.5 billion drams from its own resources (mainly for the operation, repair and maintenance of existing systems) and to enrich the state budget for 89 billion drams as a rental fee only. The State Committee of Water Resources of the Republic of Armenia will also participate in solving of the problems proposed by the lease agreement, who is planning to implement large-scale projects of about 200 million dollars in the system within 5 years.