Human resources

The Company's formula for success has numerous components; however, it is the Company staff that has been and continues to remain the core of this formula.

Team Building

Veolia Jur is a new organization, so the team's development is still in process.
It includes not only former service areas of Companies Yerevan Djur, AWSC, Shirak Water Utilities, Lori Water Utilities, Nor Acounk, but also their staff.  And the latter, acting in different companies, under different requirements and traditions, still need to be integrated into the overall team. It takes time to get acquainted with the value system of the Veolia Group, based on which an operational and motivated staff will be formed to be able to work for the next 15 years.

 And it's not easy, considering the requirements. Which are:

  • Responsibility
  • Solidarity
  • Respect
  • Innovation
  • Customer focus

But the beginning was launched.  Veolia Jur’s core is the former Yerevan Djur, which was part of the same Veolia Group, which has ruled the Capital’s water supply system for 10 years. And not only he managed, but also met the lease contract conditions. This means that Veolia Jur will also have a success story, the basis of which is the professional staff united by common interests.

Staff Recruitment and Optimization

To face the challenges, the Company is constantly replenished by new professionals and maintains an optimal correlation between experienced professionals and new recruits. It concerns to all divisions. However, sometimes depending on current need a special attention is paid to certain groups of specialists.

Staff optimization also plays an important role here. Obviously, certain positions shall be laid off due to the ongoing technical innovations. However, as a result of the same circumstance, there is a growing demand for the employees with modern professions. For this purpose, the company staff is constantly trained.  And, if needed, new specialists are invited.
At work, like in your own home

Great importance is given to the creation of safe and efficient working conditions in the system, providing workers with uniforms and improving their proper working conditions at the working place.  Particularly, precincts are reconstructed and renovated, such as in Vayk and Ijevan. Everything is done to make people feel like home at the workplace, and deal with the job like a personal matter.

Activities in these fields are continuing in the company. A solid foundation is being created for further success.