CEO's message


Dear friend,

I'm happy to welcome you to the official site of Veolia Jur Company.

For the past three years, our staff, under the Lease Contract with the Government of the Republic of Armenia, has been providing water and sewerage management in Yerevan - the capital of Armenia, as well as in 44 cities and 318 villages of our country.

We perfectly understand the responsibility we have for a trusted job. Be assured that everything possible is done to develop the system continuously, meet the growing needs of customers, and improve service quality.

We have no doubt that we will succeed in our initiatives. But progress here also depends on you. The communal sector is a two-way street with one of the most important conditions for success is the strengthening of the “water suppler-society” connection and the development of mutually beneficial constructive dialogue. That's why we view this site as an important platform for Company-Customer dialogue.

Be active and proactive, share your views on the quality of services provided, know the rights and responsibilities of the parties, share your concerns and expectations, learn about the company's activities and achievements, goals and plans.

Let's jointly improve our water supply throughout Armenia.

Looking forward to cooperation:

Marianna Shahinyan