Veolia Djur Significantly Improves the Water Supply of Vedi town

Veolia Djur CJSC has allocated AMD 269 million to solve the water supply issues of Vedi town delayed for many years.

Vedi town is mainly supplied with about 50 liters per second water from the Jermanis source, and another 10 l/s comes through the Garni-Yeraskhavan trunk main. However, due to the battered 2 daily regulation reservoirs operating in the town until recently some of the water was lost. It was not possible to store the required water quantity which had a negative impact on the water supply duration.

To solve the problem, Veolia Djur built two new reservoirs each with a capacity of 1,000 cubic meters in the vicinity of the old reservoirs and recently commissioned them.

Within the frame of this project the local distribution network of the town is also being modernized at the expense of Veolia Djur. One of the reasons for water insufficiancy is the water loss in the local distribution network, the other reason is illegal use of  water by households for irrigation purposes, which is more noticeable in summer period.

Under the second stage of the project, the cost of which is AMD 84 million, new waterlines with a length of 3,300 meters have already been built, which, unlike the existing waterlines passing through the gardends of the households stretch along the streets. Consequently the illegalities, leakages are excluded, as well as the reliability of the distribution network operation is increased. Thanks to this, about 25% of the town i.e 500 families are already provided with round-the-clock water.

Currently, waterlines with a total length of 2280 l.m are being built in 4 streets of Vedi town at a fast pace. Manholes are also planned for 100 local private households, where water meters will be installed. 

The third stage of the project amounting AMD 43 million will be completed in 3 months, and the water supply will be carried out according to an improved schedule from the newly built reservoirs.

In addition to the involved construction company, the Veolia Djur “Harav/South” Operation Directorate is building 1000 l.m waterline in Vedi with its own resources.  

Thus, everything possible is being done to radically reconstruct the distribution network of the town and provide consumers with a stable and improved water supply.