Valuing Water

22 March is World Water Day

Dear Colleagues!

Dear Consumers!

Today the whole world is celebrating the Water Day to once again emphasize the importance of fresh water and to promote the efficient use of water resources.

“Valuing Water” - this is the motto of the events held under the auspices of the United Nations in March 2021 around the world.  

Good work, construction projects, water loss reduction, system technical refurbishment -this is the formula of the Veolia Team success, through which Veolia Djur has been continuously improving water supply in the settlements within its Service Area.   

Recently COVID-19 recalled the importance of maintaining hygiene for preventing the spread of infectious diseases which is impossible without regular and high-quality water supply. The Artsakh War and Coronavirus were new and serious challenges which, however, showed the viability of the system and the Veolia Team consolidation.   

I do believe that due to joint work in close cooperation with the consumers we will have new achievements not only in meeting the household needs, but also ensuring dynamic development of the Armenian economy and integrity of natural environment.

Let’s Value Water!

Marianna Shahinyan,

General Director, Veolia Djur CJSC