Presentation was held for the Veolia Djur CJSC Annual Report on the Lease Contract Year 6

Presentation was held for the Veolia Djur CJSC Annual Report on the Lease Contract Year 6.

Mr. Luiz Hanania, Executive Vice President and Financial Director at Veolia Poland and Chief Financial Officer for CEE Zone at Veolia was present at this important event of the Company.

Presenting the Company Annual Report, Mrs. Marianna Shahinyan, General Director of Veolia Djur CJSC, noted that during the Contract Year 6 the Veolia team not only met, but exceeded the targets set by the Lease Contract, the water supply has been continuously improved both in Yerevan, and also in the other urban and rural communities of the country, much attention was given to the continuous improvement of water quality, the operated engineering facilities were upgraded, other important works were carried out as well, due to which the Company proudly records success. She noted: “Certainly, we still have a lot to do, there are many plans and ideas to be put in life, however thanks to the team formed in Veolia Djur CJSC, your efforts and dedication, I do believe and trust that we will succeed.”

 Thus, compared to the previous year, water production decreased by 7.1 mln m3, and the water sold increased by 10.8 mln m3. In the conditions of ensuring the growth of the indicator for the water supply continuity, the Company managed to reduce the unaccounted-for-water by 17.9 mln m3 (by 4.4%). In 2022, billing from the sold water increased by 4,556 mln AMD (by 18.7%) compared to the previous year, and the amount collected for the water sold increased by 4,122 mln AMD (by 17.9%). During that period, the Company undertook to solve the water supply issues of the settlements appeared in poor condition in Marzes, while improving and maintaining the existing positive achievements in cities. In 2022, water abstraction decreased by 7,136 ths m3 compared to the previous year, under the condition when the average duration of water supply in Yerevan was 23.19 hours, and 20.22 hours - in rural areas.

During this period, 125 water sources, 54 main pumping stations, 91 chlorination plants and 12 chlorination points were operated. As a result of the change of the system, 4 chlorination plants operating with liquid chlorine were put on a standby regime. After the repair works, the Fanta and Chakhkal chlorination plants built by the Company Investment Plans were put into operation. Thirty-three roofs of Ghazaravan, Katnaghbyur and Aparan” deep wells were repaired and replaced with new ones, as a result of which the inflow of rainwater into the submersible pump units was excluded, hence solving the issues with safety, water quality and equipment operation.

At the end of presentation, impressed by the Company indicators, Mr. Luiz Hanania thanked the Company management and Veolia team for the excellent work done and fulfillment of the Lease Contract requirements during the year. He noted: I am sure that new achievements both in terms of economic indicators and service improvement will be attained in the following years as well.