About 4 % water loss was prevented

Thanks to the detection and elimination of “hidden breakdowns”

One of the main functions of about 30 specialists of the Leak Detection and Zoning Department of the Veolia Djur Technical Directorate is the search and finding of “hidden breakdowns” (when water flows into the subsoil and remains unnoticed for many years) in the distribution network of 380 serviced settlements, as well as on trunk mains and waterlines with the use of modern technical devices (in particular, flow meters, pipe finders, aquaphones and correlators).

According to the acting regulation of the Company, the specialists of the Department work in close cooperation with the operation divisions, fulfill the orders of the latter to locate the breakdowns, determine the quantity of leaking water, find the old waterlines not marked on the maps. 

In February-April of current year, the employees of the Department made about 7165 different measurements with flow meters in Yerevan and in all marzes of the country in separate groups, checked 245 km of waterlines with a pipe finder, 62 km with a correlator, and 189 km with an aquaphone. Thus, more than 496 km of waterlines in total were inspected. As well 1010 water metering unit was studied and schemes were drawn up.

As a result, 274 hidden breakdowns were revealed, 105 of which were in the regions, which were then eliminated by the Department specialists, emergency teams of the operation divisions. As a result, 576 liters of water quantity per second was resumed, of which 267 liters in the regions. This makes about 4% of the water quantity produced in the system, the significance of which is obvious from the viewpoint of providing consumers with a stable water supply according to the schedule.