“1-85 is speaking ...”

The Veolia Djur's “Call Center” is 15 years old

The Veolia Djur's “Call Center” or simply the “1-85” Service well-known to consumers was established in 2007. 

Today more than 600 thousand customers of Veolia Djur CJSC from Amasia up to Meghri, from Armavir up to Vardenis... have the opportunity to directly apply to the Company from 380 serviced settlements and receive the answers to their questions and solution to the problems arisen.

The sixteen operators of the Service record at least 1000 phone calls a day, and immediately transfer those to the relevant units of the Company on-line in order to respond to them within the set deadlines.  

The questions are various: water supply and wastewater, water metering and payments, customer card renaming and new customer registration ...

Today the most important Service working in a 7/24 mode play a role of a pulse in the Company and in its turn helps the Management to understand what issues are the customer concerned about, what problems are there in the system, and all these issues are included in the further development projects of the Company.

Reminder: the phone numbers of the Call Center are: 1-85, 011. 300-185, 0-800-00-185 (free of charge).