Ijevan will receive 30 l/sec of additional water. Construction of the "Lastiver" new water supply system is underway in Tavoush region

The construction of the new "Lastiver" water supply system, one of the next important components of the Mandatory Capital Works Program (MCWP) 2022 of Veolia Djur, has begun which will provide the City with 30 liter/sec additional water.

 In general, the City of Ijevan receives water from 28 large and small sources. However, during the scarce-water months of summer and winter, the water output from the sources fluctuates greatly. For example, water abstraction from the "Anapat" source mainly feeding Ijevan can decrease from 60 l/sec to 5 l/sec which naturally leads to irregular water supply.

In order to increase the amount of water supplied to the City during the peaks of water consumption and to have constant water supply, Veolia Djur has started to build:
1. New water intake located on the “Pagh Djur” river in Lastiver at a distance of 8 km from Ijevan;
2. 2,3 km water pipe to take the water from the river to the City;
3. Drinking Water Treatment Plant (DWTP), where the surface water taken from the source should be necessarily treated and chlorinated.

The works have been going on for already 3 months. The roof of the DWTP with a capacity of 60 l/sec is currently being installed despite the difficult mountainous conditions. In this engineering facility there are envisaged separate sections for cleaning filters, chlorine cylinders and equipment, as well as for efficient work and rest of the service personnel.     
The Plant will have 2 automatic quartz sand filters with a capacity of 30 l/sec, one of which will always be in working order for the waters of the river near Lastiver, and the second will be a reserve one and will be activated in case of turbidity of the water flowing from the "Anapat" source.

The implementation of the Project amounting 205 million AMD is planned to be completed in the spring of 2023.