Drinking Water

Centralized water supply system in Yerevan started to operate on December 23, 1911. The founder was "Erivanyan Djrmugh" CJSC led by Vasili Mirzoev, a Company Engineer. By this, the first centralized water supply was launched in Armenia.
Presently, the water supply system includes 184 water production facilities, 563 water supply pumps (without boosters), in total 4061 km long 791 water transmission lines, 7800 km long water distribution network, 405 daily regulation reservoirs (DRR), 116 chlorinating plants and 10 water treatment plants.

Due to its quality characteristics, water is highly appreciated by the consumers, as well as is well-known outside the country. Aparan, Gyoumoush, Arzni, Shor-Shor, Arzakan, Katnaghbyur, Garni, Araratyan, Saghmosavan, Maqravan, Ghazaravan, Novoselcovo, Ghazanchi, Zuygaghbyur, Hatsarat - these are names well recognized by our consumers.

If the capacity of the first transmission line was 23 liter per second, currently the water production in the system is circa 17 000 liter per second. The number of consumers has also significantly increased. Instead of the former provincial Erivan with about 30 000 population, today “Veolia Jur” provides services not only to Yerevan but also to other 41 towns and 314 villages, in total – 356 settlements. Moreover, the Company provides wholesale water supply services to 52 settlements. In general, we serve 770 000 customers or about 73% of the RA population.
Nowadays the water route became much complicated. In old Erivan, the consumers were supplied with water from 9 public taps located in densely populated areas or relied on children selling water. Whereas now water, being a vital supply,
is firstly delivered from the springs to the DRRs and then to the internal distribution network of the city. Water reaches the settlements through the pipes acting as a “circulatory system” regulated by the manholes with their valves and pressure regulators giving “green light” to the water. In the areas without insufficient water pressure booster pumps are used.     

It is only a year that Veolia Jur started its activities, but a lot has been already done to improve water supply in the service area.
During the subsequent years of the Lease Contract, these works will continue on a larger scale with a goal to radically improve drinking water supply in Armenia by 2031.