To a Cybercrime a Cyber Security
The workshop in Yerevan with the participation of French Veolia Group representatives was dedicated to Cyber-security. In addition to the employees of Veolia Jur, the staff of the Armenian branch of the French SADE company and IT specialists also took part.
Cyber security, it seems like everything is said. The participants of the event were generally deployed from the problem, however, Jean-Marc Cerles’s report, one of the leading experts in the Veolia Group, broadly enlarged their perceptions about the subject. The situation was presented with "all its beauty".
The fight is getting worse every year. On the one hand, secrets are maintained in every way and from the other, an attempt is made to own them. For different purposes and by various technical means. Who are the authors of cyberattacks? They are state institutions, and economic rivals, criminal elements, and just unsatisfactory people. On the one hand, security technologies are rapidly developing, and, on the other, the "crashing" programs do. The fight goes on as it is said, with variable success. So always be vigilant.
In this sense, Veolia Group, as one of the world's leading environmental companies, is no exception. And it's not just about financial interests. Veolia also develops the latest technologies in water supply, wastewater treatment, electricity and heat generation, waste recycling. All this has its value and significance.
But there is another circumstance - the social significance of the company's services. Imagine a termination of one of the water sources of Yerevan's for at least a few hours. a significant part of the city will simply remain without water․ And this is not theoretically excluded since theoretically it is also possible that hackers can penetrate the company's electronic management system. But there is the "antidote" in the face of the same digital technology-based remote control system "SKADA", which widespread throughout the day and ensures stable water supply in the capital. And in order that it never fails, IT professionals should always be vigilant. Here is the main message of the Veolia Group representatives to the workshop participants.