Water quality

Water Quality

The company's water quality monitoring is carried out by existing laboratories and their staff. The Company complies only with the standards and procedures adopted by the Republic of Armenia. The company has 1 central laboratory in Yerevan, 6 regional laboratories in provinces and 21 district laboratories.

The laboratories are equipped with up-to-date field measurement devices, pH meters, turbidity meter, chlorine measuring photometers and other devices to ensure water quality indicators provided by the contract.

In the system of  Veolia Jur CJSC, water is mostly taken from mountain springs, fully complies with the Sanitary Norms and Rules of Drinking Water applicable in the Republic of Armenia and is provided to consumers mainly without additional purification.

Water treatment Stations operate only in Vanadzor, Dilijan, Berd, Kapan and Meghri, where part of the water used is taken from open basins, river intakes, is pre-cleaned and only then supplied to the distribution network.  However, to ensure water safety and for preventive purposes, the water at the sources is chlorinated by Chlorination Stations, ensuring availability of 0.3-0.5 mg/dm3 residual chlorine in the water.

According to "Drinking Water: Hygienic requirements for water quality presented by centralized water supply systems. Quality control" sanitary norms and rules, the quality schedule of drinking water is compiled for each year, taking into account the recommendations of the State Health Inspection Center of the RA Ministry of Health.

According to the approved schedules, the Company's water quality control laboratories perform generalized, physicochemical, microbiological and sensory, residual chlorine surveys.

And in order to obtain highly convincing results, Company's drinking water quality control central and regional 87 laboratories and portable equipment were calibrated by the National Institute of Metrology with one-year operation certificate in 2017.
 The water quality in the system is checked by the following frequency:

1․ Round the clock control with online automatic analyzers in the hard-to-reach areas of the republic,
2. Every 2 hours in all 24 Daily Regulation Reservoirs (DRRs) of the Capital - by the serving Operators,
3. Daily at 106 checkpoints of the country - by drinking water control laboratories or district laboratory assistants,
4. Every quarter in all water sources - by Drinking Water Monitoring Laboratories,
5. Annual radiological and chemical studies (or research) are being carried out
6.Water tests are carried out by water laboratories after construction of  new water lines, DRRs cleanings, rehabilitation of the distribution network or other technical works

Due to all this, supplied drinking water in the first year of the lease contract was 97.7% compliant with sanitary rules and norms of the Republic of Armenia (permissible threshold is 95%), and there were no cases of a significant violation of the quality of drinking water in the system.